Comments and feedback from YouTube..
Read some of the feedback from the users on Youtube.
"These videos are exceptional. In just a few short minutes each videos explains the crucial points. I think the most important aspect is that they concentrate the technique on the movements at the feet (ankles) and knees without undue attention, for such short videos, on other aspects of technique. It is really at this point of emphasis of the body that one's learns to ski well. Also they have a feeling of equality between instructor and student, and there is no sense of pretention or condescension. They convey a real sense of friendliness and true concern. These are all rare qualities. BRAVO!"
"Well, just got back yesterday from 3 days of skiing. All I can say is thank you so very much. I can't believe how much this video has helped me. My confidence is soaring right now and best of all, I feel that I'm skiing safer. It's amazing how the body posture, leaning forward improves balance and control, not to mention the fatigue factor. I skied for 3 days without being exhausted or sore even. I'm parallel skiing now and looking good, skiing all blue runs to boot. Looking forward to skiing next weekend to try out different exercises from this video. Now, I just need more time skiing, just absolutely love it! Again, thank you so much".
"Thanks so much for these amazing videos- they are great and so very informative! I finally realized what I've been doing wrong all this time. I feel a lot more confident for my next trip- if you have any tips on strengthening the knees please let us know! Thanks again!!!"
"After years of training by different ski teachers, you explains what I want to know. Thanks for that! End of this week we go to Val frejus and of course I'll practice your lessons, (I downloaded them on my notebook) so you are close by. Thanks, thanks, thanks, I own you a beer next week. You know where i am..:-)"
"Thanks to Lasse Lyck for sharing these videos. They were a great help to making skiing more fun. I now recommend them to all my friends now"